Open House Interviews & its requirements

We have received several e-mails requesting information on what to expect at various airline Open House Interviews for an air hostess job. Here we will discuss current practices at a typical Open House interview, although format may vary by airline.

The Open House Interview (also called Open Interview Session or Job Fair) is a general information session for you and gives the airline a chance to screen a large group of potential candidates at one location. Sessions are scheduled after successful completion of an online pre-screening (invited) or may be open to anyone (uninvited). Open House dates are usually published on the airlines website.

There is normally a morning and afternoon session. If there is a choice, we recommend scheduling the morning session, since interviewers are freshest and friendliest in the morning. At the Open Interview Session, typically you will be asked to fill out a questionnaire and will be given a short speech about the airline by a flight attendant representative. Each person may be then be required to take a written, multiple-choice test, which includes some customer service questions. Those that pass the test will be asked to remain while the others are excused. The remaining group will be asked to speak or read in front of the group. Usually, the topic deals in some way with customer service. Resumes or applications are usually not collected at the Open House. Most successful candidates are advised during this session of their advancement to a second interview, although airlines have also been advising some candidates by mail. There are sometimes individual interviews at the Open House session.

Your presentation is very important during any Open House. Members should review the sections pertaining to interviewing, and “packaging,” i.e. dress, grooming and attitude in the Application Center. In addition, review all interview questions and our recommended answers, especially those pertaining to customer service.